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April 20, 2015

Traveling Michigan Avenue with Martha

Posted by: Chris Mason

Traveling Michigan Avenue with Martha

       Destination: Pizza Rolls
by Martha Cleary
I have been planning to make this trip ever since I went to the Ypsilanti Farmer’s market last November and tasted the pizza rolls made by the Stone Hearth Bakery in Brooklyn, Michigan. My son, Joe and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful Spring day, and so we set our GPS and were off to explore Michigan Ave going west from our home base, the Parish House Inn, in Ypsilanti.

Along the way we discovered some hidden gems that looked interesting for future explorations. It was a successful trip and we had a good time exploring.  There are many more places to visit along the way, like the  fresh vegetable stands and ice cream shops every few miles during the warmer months.   Looking forward to seeing you and sharing even more tips….


A bustling community only 20 minutes down the road. In the
center of the city is the Rentschler Farm Museum, circa 1901. It has  a large historic farm house, barn and a very large yard. On our next trip, we plan to  visit this beautiful attraction, go on a tour and see the events. At the main intersection of Ann Arbor and Michigan Avenue, there are several restaurants, shops with  a large parking area near-by.

Just 30 minutes down the road from Ypsilanti, Clinton has beautiful tree lined streets with older houses, quaint shops and restaurants with the Historic Clinton Inn on the main corner of  downtown. It was as though we had stepped back in time. There ‘s even a golf course, so you could bring your golf clubs and play a round.
After 40 minutes into our trip, this area brought my mind back to the lake areas of Southern Maine, where we lived for 8 years. You could find these same type of small resorts with individual cabins and camp grounds. The recreation facilities include a miniature golf course and an Old West Town. If you can picture rolling hills, small lakes and winding roads, this is it.
It was about 50 minutes before we arrived at our destination, the Stone Hearth Bakery. During NASCAR season,  Michigan International Speedway is the center of activity in Brooklyn.
Following our directions, and  turning north on M50,  we arrived at the Stone Hearth Bakery. Pizza Rolls are their specialty, but there are other yummy treats plus a wide variety of breads. It was difficult deciding on which type of bread we wanted, and how many pizza rolls to get since it was all so good. We walked around a bit to see some of the shops in the area,  then began our journey back to the Ypsilanti and the Parish House Inn.
Martha Cleary is the assistant innkeeper and the daughter of Chef/innkeeper Chris Mason. In addition to her duties at the Parish House Inn, she loves to explore our area and enjoys helping  guests with ideas and information.
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